Core Beliefs

People should decide how to run their lives, not the government.

Our founding fathers believed that government power should rest with the people first.  I believe that government should be as small as possible to allow citizens to truly influence those governing and have real impact on their lives.  Our District’s current representatives have too often voted to please their party while forgetting the needs of the District.

When people care about one another, they will lift one another up in hard times.

I believe that government has a constitutional role in our daily lives but the ability to assist people at the individual level lies within community organizations such as faith centers, community centers, neighbors, etc.  As your Delegate,  I will look for and to community partnerships to bring services where and when needed.

How do businesses and people keep up with that onslaught of new regulations?

I believe we must enforce existing laws and remove bad or outdated laws BEFORE creating new laws.  Further, government should NEVER choose which laws it will enforce.   Law making should start with “What is the problem being solved?”, “Is it really a problem and for whom?”, “Does the law solve the problem?” and “What are ALL the impacts of the law?”.  This is how we run our daily lives and so should the government.

Term limits would solve most of our political problems.

We have seen too many times that career politicians become compromised under many pressures.  When I am elected, I will serve no more than 2 terms as Delegate.

I believe government should live within its financial means.

I support Governor Hogan as he has drawn the line on no new taxes.  I favor zero based budgeting which requires justification of expenditures.  No more adding a percent here and a percent there to existing programs that are no longer effective. As your elected Representative, I will study the budget carefully and challenge spending for efficiency and redundancy.

On The Issues

Common Sense in Government


The very foundation of Maryland is the family. Whether it be a traditional family or a single parent family we owe them an environment that has all the tools to succeed or be lifted up. We need to ensure in this modern information age that fairness is applied as much as common sense is.

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The goal of education is to shape our youth and inspire them to be responsible citizens and productive contributors to our society.  This should be true in every school and in every district.  I am concerned that this is not happening in Anne Arundel County and District 32 because of the state formula for education dollars.

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Law and Order

We are a country of law and order. I believe that government at all levels needs to apply and obey all the laws they have passed. If a law is not enforceable, no longer valid or a political liability for a majority they need to pass a new law. Without law and order we cease to exist as a society.

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Maryland’s state legislature wastes money on inefficient programs, and then creates or raises taxes to pay for it. Taxation of personal income, businesses, gasoline, goods and services, property, death, motor vehicle registration, rain and in 2017 “sunshine” kills job growth. Governor Hogan needs our help to continue and increase job growth.


A Man of Service. Family. Action.

Tim Walters is a family man that has dedicated his life to the service and defense of the United States. His belief that personal sacrifices must be made by those in public office to reestablish trust in public officials has been exemplified by his 20 years of active military service. Tim believes in citizens volunteering for “limited” public service and bringing innovative ideas and concepts to our state’s problems.

After graduating from Andover High School in 1985, Tim married his high school sweetheart and wife of over 30 years, Karen. He is the proud father of Tiffany, Brittany and Joshua, and four grandchildren. The Walters’ grandchildren are 5th generation Linthicum residents as all of Tim’s children have chosen to settle in the area. All went to public schools and Tim’s oldest daughter is partially blind. Tim understands what raising a family in District 32 takes. This makes ensuring a prosperous future for District 32 deeply personal for Tim as he wishes his family and yours a better tomorrow.

Tim wasn’t always fortunate to have his family nearby. He served in seven commands in the U.S. Navy and deployed on the USS Inchon, USS Eisenhower, and USS Wasp over a twenty-year career as well as an unaccompanied yearlong tour in Crete, Greece. Tim and Karen made the decision that they would home station in Linthicum as Tim was deploying so often. Nearly half of his military career was spent as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician (bomb squad), making him a true expert at risk mitigation and problem solving in tough situations. Tim is also a qualified Diver, Master Parachutist and Small Arms Instructor. Tim always sought the most demanding and dangerous jobs to protect others. Tim was raised with a sense of duty as he is one of five generations that have served this great country.

tim-walters-md-32-planeAfter retiring from the Navy in 2005, Tim successfully transferred his skills and experiences into private sector business as a founding contract member of the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), a U.S. Army Special Mission Unit. Tim’s activities with AWG were critical at challenging standard Army processes while solving several tactical challenges in combat such as sniper engagements of US troops and armor improvements. Tim continued performing change management for the Army as a contract Program Manager charged with building teams of experts to assist the Army in doing acquisition better and more effectively. He has stood up several Army organizations that were chartered to provide efficient and effective rapid responses to warfighter needs. Tim was also responsible for managing a cutting edge, tactical solution for a key Army Military Intelligence Enterprise need that generated over 50 high paying jobs right here in Maryland and most in district 32.

He is responsible for managing the cost, schedule, performance and risk of multi-project programs as well as developing business and monitoring contracts. Over the past 10 years these programs were valued at over $230M. Tim has a proven track record of problem solving and winning contracts that help drive down price and drive up benefits.

tim-walters-maryland-district-32-bio-2Tim is very involved in his local Church, The Lighthouse Church of Glen Burnie, and has served or serve’s in several capacities; parking ministry, response team, benevolence committee, Men’s Leadership council, Financial Peace instructor, leads a small group with his wife and is a Deacon. Through the Lighthouse Tim has been involved in outreach for the homeless, assisting men in need and elsewhere as called.

Please vote for me in 2018 and allow me the honor to serve you and your family.


"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..."
Psalm 33:12

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